Uncover I am Spotless Pimple Patches


Hydrocolloid pimple patches infused with acne -fighting ingredients (Salicylic acid & Centella Asiatica) to help pimples heal faster.

“I Am Spotless” pimple patches are a world famous K-Beauty innovation to help your pimples heal faster. Made from a hydrocolloid material with pus-sucking technology, these patches not only flatten pimples but also act as a protective barrier to prevent picking and irritation from bacteria and other external irritants.

The pimple patches are also infused with Salicylic acid and Centella asiatica which unclog the pore, reduce inflammation and shrink the pimple.

Shrinks pimples faster and reduces inflammation
• Prevents touching and scarring
• Absorbs pus from pimples
• Protects pimples from outside irritants or bacteria
• Ultra thin tapered edges: easy to use & hard to spot
• Gentle & non-drying
• Can be used on face & body

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