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See how time-released vitamin C can help you Vitamin C is one of the body’s most important vitamins and keeping levels topped up is vital for overall health. These Holland & Barret Timed Release Vitamin C Caplets with Rose Hips can help you to meet your requirements all day every day, with added rose hips – a natural vitamin C source.

What is vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that has to be consumed every day, as the body cannot store it. You can find it in a whole range of fresh fruits and vegetables like peppers, citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes (especially new potatoes) and leafy greens.

What are the benefits of vitamin C? System support: It helps to support your immune system and nervous system. Helps absorb iron: your body needs vitamin C to be able to absorb iron – one of the body’s most vital minerals Aids metabolism: vitamin C contributes to the normal running of the metabolic system – helping to turn food and drink into energy for exercise and daily life, as well as reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness Collagen synthesis: collagen holds our bodies together – literally – playing an important part in the health of our nails, skin, hair, bones, joints, blood vessels and other parts of the body. The body needs vitamin C to make collagen, and as our natural collagen production lessens as we age, keeping vitamin C levels up becomes even more important. Why is this vitamin C supplement time-released?

Our timed-release formula is designed to provide longer-lasting action as the nutrients are released over an extended period of time. Timed release immune system support Coated caplet food supplement Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune & nervous system, & contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue

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