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Let’s chat about perimenopause.

Perimenopause is the transition stage before menopause (around age 40-50). It’s rarely discussed, despite the huge emotional and physical effects. It can have a negative effect on your skin too, with side effects including skin ageing, dryness and sensitivity.

Meet Adapt, the skincare collection formulated for perimenopausal skin problems. Adapt is brimming with botanical adaptogens that bring calm and balance to the skin from the fluctuations in hormones during perimenopause.

The Adapt Dream Night Cream will work the night shift to help double your collagen production and calm your skin, with a dreamy scent to help you sleep.

Meet Adapt Hydra Rescue On The Go Serum, the light-as-air serum that’ll instantly grant a moisture boost of 98%*, leaving menopausal dry skin quenched, nourished and soothed.

Are hot flushes getting in the way of life? Take back control with Adapt Adapt Icy Cooling Elixir Facial Mist, which instantly soothes and hydrates skin. Hot flushes can hit at any time, this miracle mist reduces temperatures by up to 2 degrees instantly.


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